Our home is your home too

With open views, comfortable apartments and a friendly hello

At the HOFER HOF, nature, the people and animals set the rhythm. Wake up on a morning, choose new activities every day, feel free.

As our guest, from the very first moment you will be part of our life on the farm. We are delighted to share the beautiful surroundings, the fresh air, the wonderful views and the many amenities that our HOFER HOF has to offer with you. A very warm welcome!

The “simple” life at the Hofer Hof

A holiday at the HOFER HOF means simply arriving, enjoying yourself and being here. With the emphasis on “simply”. This is because we find that in today’s world, simplicity is a luxury. And it is this very “luxury of simplicity” that we want to offer our guests. The HOFER HOF is not a recreation of a farmhouse, but a modern, straightforward holiday farm that sits quietly and as if by chance in the landscape. Nothing thrilling, but lots of authenticity. And above all plenty of peace and quiet. The 5 holiday apartments are practically and comfortably furnished. Families have all the room they need. Couples find a peaceful retreat. Actually, we suit everyone, be it hikers, gourmets, people who just want to relax, bikers... life here is simple and uncomplicated. Simply comfortable. Simply good.

We love children, even if they are a little bit louder

“Look! Frieda has laid an egg! Can I stroke the rabbit? I want to too!!” Children are very welcome at the HOFER HOF. And they are free to move around since we have plenty of space here. Be it in the large outdoor play area with sandpit, kid’s tractor and swing or in the imaginatively furnished indoor playroom – it’s never boring for our younger guests. But if it was, then we would simply let them take part in our everyday life on the farm: feeding the chickens, picking up apples, cleaning out the rabbit hutch... there won’t be any time for shouting for mum and dad! Which means a break for you parents too!

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

For Patrizia and Hannes, it was clear from the start that they would, like their parents and grandparents, make a life growing apples. But the apples alone would not have been enough for the two of them. Which is why they decided there and then to offer holidays on the farm! As comfortable as necessary, as natural as possible. Every day Patrizia conjures up a hearty farmhouse breakfast for her guests, makes delicious-smelling jams and dries fruit from the garden. Their farm shop is a top tip for all those who like to eat healthily and sustainably. The orchards are Hannes’ territory. You can find him there on the tractor, harvesting, in the barn and he also enjoys taking time to give entertaining farm tours and apple juice tasting sessions. At the end of the day, knowing that the guests and the orchards have both been well taken care of is what motivates them.

Come into Patrizia’s little farm shop

Why look further afield... there are all kinds of good things at the HOFER HOF, beautifully decorated on natural wooden shelves. Our produce comes direct to the farm shop from the orchard and the farm garden. Well, not quite, since in between Farmer Patrizia’s transformational skills also play a part. All year round, Patrizia is hard at work in her kitchen, boiling, pickling, drying, fermenting and... of course constantly trying new things. Apple juice, jams, syrups, dried fruit, herbal salt, pickled vegetables, fresh fruit and vegetables of the season and eggs from the farm are all in high demand among our guests. Sometimes stocks might even begin to run low. But never fear! The good things always grow back again here!

Wakey wakey, breakfast is ready!

The tempting aroma of coffee gently tickles you awake. The crunch as you bite into a fresh bread roll fills you with a zest for life. A boiled breakfast egg from our happy hens smiles at you. Every good morning at the HOFER HOF starts in this pleasant way. In the wide awake atmosphere of the breakfast room, every day Patrizia serves all kinds of South Tyrolean specialities and lots of home-made produce – from A for Alpine cheese to Z for “zwetschgenkuchen” (delicious plum cake!) Yes, for our HOFER HOF breakfast even dyed-in-the-wool late sleepers are eager to get out of their cosy beds...

Click here to see our farm breakfastClick here to see our farm breakfast

The favourite room of families

And all those looking for a cosy place to read, play, while away a few moments and feel good. Our common room on the ground floor has as many corners as there are interests: the book corner with holiday reads for young and old. The colourful play corner for creative kids. The snug inglenook. The seating corner for cosy get-togethers. And also, of course, no South Tyrolean farm would be the same without the family altar corner. Naturally, like in the rest of the house, there is fast and free wireless internet here too. Or have you decided just to switch off for a while during your holidays?

Sunbathing with mountain views

During the day, our guests like to get out and about making lots of lovely holiday memories. But in between times they also like to take a break for a while in a quiet spot. To simply put up their feet and stretch out in the mountain sun. Or read a good book in the shade of a tree. Our lawn is the perfect place to disconnect from the world for a while and immerse yourself in relaxing greenery. There are plenty of cosy corners and loungers here. And there are also ample daybeds for all the family to chill out. Dream with your eyes closed or enjoy the panorama with eyes wide open. And keep one eye on the kids on the nearby playground – it’s this easy to find holiday happiness at the HOFER HOF!

Fresh vegetables and popular farmhouse happenings

At the HOFER HOF there is an embarrassment of riches to choose from. In our own guest vegetable garden there are all kinds of herbs growing, seasonal vegetables, berries and varieties of fruit for you to pick. You can also take part in our weekly farm events if you wish, be it a leisurely hike, apple blossom walk, new wine (“Törggelen”) festival or the weekly culinary themed evenings that take place all year round (barbecuing in the garden, “Marende” snack platters and much more) – we surprise our guests with lots of authentic, typical and unforgettable moments of enjoyment. Sounds good? We look forward to seeing you there.

Feel like a holiday?

What are you waiting for? The best time for holidays at the Hofer Hof is now!